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Every laser has it's own special field of operation. Our practice for innovative dentistry offers various possibilities of treatment to the patient, as we have several laser systems at our disposal.

The practice uses "LaserSmile™", "ezLase™", "WaterlaseMD™" and the "Diagnodent™" laser.

Advantages of laser applications

Lasers can be applied in nearly all dental areas of treatment.

Simplicity and quickness, the absence of post surgical bleeding and edemas are characteristic of laser treatment. Additional preventions are not necessary. As a rule there are no restrictions concerning the patient's dietary and general living habits.

  • Gentle and effective
  • Little or no numbing
  • Little or no bleeding
  • The healing process is accelerated
  • Less pain
  • Vibrations causing pain and the heat associated with drilling are non-existent in laser use.

During the application of a laser, an interaction occurs between the special wavelength and the molecule structure of the tissue being worked on. According to the setting of the laser, a thermal effect more or less appears during the application. The special thing about this intervention is that it is often treatable without numbing, in other words there is little or no bleeding and the healing process is accelerated.

Operational field of different laser types


  • The WaterlaseMD ™ is the worldwide leading laser for practically painless dental treatment. The Hydro kinetic Er.Cr.:YSSG laser enables the surgeon a clean and exact cut. Also, the hard tissue has a high wastage rate which produces better results than the customary Er:Yag lasers - namely in a very diverse indication spectrum. In addition, many problems with drilling, for example, the micro fractures which weaken the stability of the tooth, are avoided. Moreover, in addition to virtually no pain a better hold of the fillings through an optimized surface structure of the tooth and a caries protective result are effected. With the use of the WaterlaseMD ™ we, as a dentist's practice, treat the patient with careful and precise technology!

  • The LaserSmile ™ is essentially used for the bleaching of teeth, as well as within the confines of the root canal and gum treatment.
  • The EzLase ™ is mainly used within the scope of surgical interventions, root canal and gum treatments.
Diagnodent Laser
  • The Diagnodent laser ™ is exclusively applied in the absolutely painless cavity detection. It also impresses by the fact that it recognizes carious defects not visible to the human eye.

Laser in surgery

Another advantage in the application of laser technology in dental surgery is the fact that during an operation the patient can remain completely free of stress because they don't see the customary scalpel. Blood vessels are hermetically closed with laser radiation, allowing a virtually blood-free incision. Thus patients who are inclined to bleeding can be helped with laser treatment.

Laser beams kill the pathological micro flora (bacteria and viruses) in the area of the surgical intervention, reducing the likelihood of a post surgical complication.

Application fields of the WaterlaseMD ™


  • Desensitization

Filling therapy

  • Anesthetize
  • Work on enamel
  • Work on dentin
  • Corrosion of surfaces
  • Removal of caries
  • Conditioning and disinfection of cavities


  • Disinfection of the root canal
  • Treatment of the fistula canal


  • Opening of the sulcus before the molding
  • Lengthening of the clinical crown


  • Removal of infected tissue
  • Deepilisation of the gum pockets
  • Disinfection of the gum pockets


  • Opening of abscesses
  • Removal of gum pieces
  • Removal of lip and tongue strings
  • Removal of tissue
  • Herpes treatment
  • Aphtha treatment
  • Bone treatment
  • visible enlargement of the jaw comb
  • Root tip resection
  • Coagulation


  • Location of the implant position
  • Tissue cut
  • Implant opening
  • Opening of the maxillary sinus considering the area of the nasal sinuses membrane
  • Therapy concerning implantation in general

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