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Laser for child dentistry
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Kinder in der ZahnheilkundeThe first teeth automatically call for the first meeting with the dentist. However, this first acquaintance should not happen when chocolate and co. leave their first tracks on the teeth. The opportunity to win the trust of a child appears a lot earlier, when their parent visits the practice for a control for example.

Children need very special attention. Not only in their development and everyday life, but also during dentist's visits. Unknown surroundings, uncertainty about what will happen and whether or not they will have to experience pain causes fear. They feel more readily afraid than adults, acknowledge gestures, moods and behavior more clearly than speech and feel unprotected and helpless more quickly.

During the consultation with children about the visit to the dentist, terms like "drill", "soon it will be a syringe", "keep still", "cutting", "it will soon be over", etc. should absolutely be avoided.Kinderzahnheilkunde With regular dental care and oral hygiene, as well as healthily balanced food from an early age on, teeth stay healthy and strong for a long time. The first visits to the dentist can correspond to "test-sitting on the mobile patients chair". If a treatment is eventually necessary, the practice and surroundings are already familiar and there is no reason to develop a feeling of fear.

Further positive experiences and treatments without traumas not only require tooth prophylaxis and contact appropriate for children, but also contemporary and innovative technology.

During the application of the WaterlaseMD ™ water is evaporated by means of laser energy. In this way generated kinetic energy can be used as a dentist's drill, without actually drilling. The treatment is virtually painless and therefore an anesthetic remains unnecessary in most cases, a syringe and the uncomfortable numb feeling are avoided.

The usually annoying and fear-inducing vibration of a drill is completely absent and bleeding seldom occurs because the treated place is bounded by the laser beam hermetically. Thanks to high precision work, the injured areas are treated by the laser beam point-precisely, preserving healthy tissue and enabling better protection.

Alone in child dentistry, the laser shows very positive application.

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