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Dental medicine concerning flying and diving
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Everyone who dives and many who have already flown have noticed that the pressure in the ears changes considerably. However, this is only noted if the surroundings change.

The altered pressure is also found in other body organs. The teeth and the gums, the jaw joint and the facial muscles, thus the whole oral-, jaw-, and facial area, are also affected.

Reasons other than pressure- and temperature change, are vibrations and stress. This means that dental medicine concerning diving and flying inevitably has to consider environmental factors in certain surrounding relations (in particular: pressure fluctuations).

The influence on the dental-, oral-, and jaw systems is especially likely to occur when there have been previous illnesses or therapies which have not taken surrounding environmental factors into account. Therefore dental diagnostics must take different environmental factors into consideration.

Irritated wisdom teeth and infected teeth along the root canal are especially affected. The phase in which the surrounding relations change is the point in which most problems appear.

Concerning aviation, the discomfort appears primarily during take off and in the landing phase. Since during diving a change in the environmental surroundings happens much faster, many problems are to be expected here too.

Names for such illnesses are usually: Barodontalgie, Dysbarismus, Aerodontalgie, Aerodontopathie, and pressure disturbance.

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